Touch CD Review Touch" by Wayne Takamine 1998 Hawaii Music Awards Winner! Island Artist By Wayne Harada Honolulu Advertiser Entertainment Writer Thursday, April 28, 1998 Wayne Takamine's second CD, "Touch" (Starsong Productions SSP 1028CD), is as gentle and relaxing as his debut but reflects continued growth and professionalism.A singer-guitarist, Takamine composed several tracks here dwelling on Island images and emotions. He also tosses in a handful of "covers," but manages to put his own imprint on them. Result: A reaffirmation that he's on his way as one of the Isles' genuine talents. Makapu'u By the Sea" and "Hopes and Dreams" are among his creations, the former dwelling on the surf-and-sun Oahu locale, and the latter a love poem professing commitment. Expressive: Lovely instrumental "takes" of "Classical Gas" and "Killing Me Softly With His Song." Ethnically exotic: A surprising yet satisfying "Shima Uta (Island Song)," a Japanese song with a lingering melody performed in the native tongue.Enchanting "This Moment Tonight" another of his compositions. Hawaii United Okinawa Association Andagi Hotline Hawaii United Okinawa Association Hukurashaya "Proud to be Uchinanchu" Uchinanchu-Newsletter April/May 1998 Congratulations to vocal/guitarist artist Wayne Takamine; Hawaii Shuri-Naha Club for winning the “1998 Hawaii Music Award” – as having the Best Recording by and Island Artist, for his compact disk “TOUCH,’ is only Takamine’s second effort as a recording artist. Wayne writes, “One of my first memories of music has to be when I used to watch my sisters dancing to Okinawan music. I always thought the Taiko drums were really cool and it was neat to go backstage when they were performing. I can still remember sleeping under the spotlight a few times. Maybe that’s why I ended up studying music at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. At the Music department, I found a love for performing although it was never easy for me to feel comfortable in front of people. Still, with practice and constant performances, I found it easier to play for an audience and enjoy it. Since graduating, I have been singing and playing guitar at a variety of venues around Honolulu and in ‘Waikiki.” “TOUCH” includes a collection of songs Takamine has been performing throughout his career along with several of his original compositions. A popular selection included is, “Shima Uta” or Island Song. The song is written about Okinawa and includes a Taiko performance by Emily Akamine. Advertiser columnist Wayne Harada writes of Takamine, “he’s on his way as one of the Isles’ genuine talents.” Wayne’s songs can be heard on several radio stations including FM 99.5, KCCN, KUMU, FM 100.3, KINE 105.1, and KZOO. ”
Two Ti Leaf CD Review Two Ti Leaf" by Wayne Takamine Hawai'i Academy of Recording Arts 2002 Na Hoku Hanohano Finalist By Wayne Harada Entertainment Writer Two Ti Leaf Productions TTL CD 02 Wayne Takamine's third CD is a compilation of new arrangements of previously released tunes and some new takes by the romantic singer-guitarist. If you''ve never heard of Takamine, think Audy Kimura-they share the gentleness and warmth associated with love songs, some with Island seasonings. 'Hawaiian Nights and Summer Dreams,' a new arrangement of the title song from Takamine's debut disc has a coziness that spells nocturnal romance. His other originals range from the instrumental 'Sunset Slack' to the rackaballad 'Two Ti Leaf.' Takamine interprets a couple of pop hits, including 'Tiny Dancer,' the Elton John signature; 'Beyond the Sea,' an old hit by Bobbie Darin; and 'Heartlight,' the Neil Diamond charmer. The new versions are not trailblazers but offer insight into Takamine''s musical soul; He appreciates certain tunes that have everlasting appeal. On the other hand, 'Hawaiian Wedding Song' as a guitar solo is soulful and introspective; without words (lyrics are in the liner pamphlet, however), the blissfulness of an island wedding still shines and delights. Island Mele ~ By John Berger Friday, October 19, 2001 Wayne Takamine's third album offers an overview of his work to date. It includes new versions of three songs from his first album. Hawaiian Nights and Summer Dreams," the title song of his 1996 debut album, may still be his career-best song, but a new song, "Part of My Soul," is a close second and the best of the new material. Two others, "Only One in the World" and "Two Ti Leaf," also offer welcome insights into his music. That said, Takamine remains a staunch acolyte of Audy Kimura's blend of American folk and acoustic pop. His singing on "Hawaiian Nights and Summer Dreams" and "Two Ti Leaf" is reminiscent of Wade "Che" Cambern as well. Takamine is strongest as a guitarist. His jejune remakes of "Tiny Dancer" and "Beyond the Sea" are the weakest links here. As familiar as they are, they might be considered touristy souvenir album tracks at best. By Ron Ihori Editor Jan.-Mar. 2002 Vol. 12, No.1 Two Ti Leaf" (Two Ti Leaf productions TTL CD 02) is the third album by singer / songwriter and Hawaiian slack key player Wayne Takamine. The 10-song album contains six Takamine originals, although three are new arrangements of songs from his first CD. The ever-popular "Hawaiian Wedding Song" "Beyond the Sea," and two songs that seem a little out of place - Elton John’s "Tiny Dancer" and "Heartlight," the Burt Bacharach / Carol Bayer Sager / Neil Diamond hit inspired by the film "E.T.," round out the CD. Takamine’s Vocals are in the romantic singer-guitarist style - I’d like to hear more than two of his lively instrumentals. ”
Hawaiian Nights and Summer Dreams CD Review By Wayne Harada Honolulu Advertiser Entertainment Writer Saturday, March 9, 1996 Wayne Takamine's "Hawaiian Nights & Summer Dreams" (Starsong Productions SSP 1027 CD) is as auspicious debut for the Island singer-composer who could be to the '90s what Audy Kimura was to the 80s. Takamine wrote the dozen tunes - music and lyrics ­ and he's songscape reflects a sincere appreciation of touching moments in life, weather blessed by rain or cooled by wind or warmed by the sun. His vocal style, like Kimura's, is soft and sensuous. His influences range from Kenny Loggins to James Taylor, David Gates and Michael Frank, so there's a core of gentleness to his romantic approach: * The title song (Hawaiian Nights and Summer Dreams) is rich with lyrics that speak of the joys of an Island experience. * Similarly, "This Moment Tonight" speaks of a precious instance in life when love matters most. Rachel Gonzales is featured on a duet. * "Cruzin' " is a picturesque adventure: a stroll to the country, a hang-loose mood of spontaneity with a slight jawaiian flavor. * "Through Eyes of a Child" is laced with hopes and dreams and projects a sunny disposition and a positive outlook. * "Words That Hurt" offers a bit of pain via a bittersweet lyric. * For variety, Takamine gets down to the Latin genre with a kachi kachi caper, "One and My Everything." With Rolando Sanchez providing the right measure of percussion. * And there's a jazz journey on "Without Words," with Tim Tsukiyama on tenor sax. Nice, indeed! Takamine has been playing local clubs from Ship's Tavern to Acqua, from Stuart Anderson's to Monterey Bay Canners. His style is conducive to apres-dinner gatherings. Lovingly recorded, with an all-star support crew including Mike Muldoon, David Inamine, Lester Gantan, Blaise Sison, Donavan Egloria, Roland Davis, Joe Getsi and Tiffany Catalflano, "Hawaiian Nights & Summer Dreams" should be the disc that puts him on the map. Hawaii United Okinawa Association Andagi Hotline Hawaii United Okinawa Association Hukurashaya "Proud to be Uchinanchu" Uchinanchu-Newsletter March 1996 Wayne Takamine’s first music album was recently recorded and is available in CD’s and cassette tapes at your favorite music store. Wayne, a multi-talented Songwriter, Guitarist and Vocalist describes his album, “Hawaiian Nights and Summer Dreams” as quoted below: “My Hawaiian nights have always been filled with music, and the thought of someday writing my own songs was a special part of all my summer dreams. This collection is the fulfillment of those lifelong dreams...or at least the beginning of what I hope will be a long journey into special memories and cherished moments. Each song is a reflection of our special life here in Hawaii, translated into the contemporary musical styles that I, and many of you, grew up with. As you listen, I hope you, too, will be taken back to a more gentle time, filled with love and laughter cooled by soft trade winds and blessed by island rain. A time of magical Hawaiian Nights and Summer Dreams.” Wayne’s parents, Betty and Stanley Takamine (HOC Executive Director), are active members of the Hawaii Shuri-Naha Club. His parental grandmother is Mrs. Yasuko Takamine who celebrated her 104th birthday last year. ”