Quiet Nights With You (Remix 2012) “Quiet Nights With You (Remix 2012) is a beautifully arranged original guitar instrument piece that features some of the top studio musicians in Hawaii. After its release "Quiet Nights With You" was selected for airplay in some of the major Japanese cities.  I have often been approached by Japanese fans that have recognized this song.
This "Quiet Nights With You" original guitar recording was released on my “Hawaiian Nights and Summer Dreams” CD.
Music by Wayne Takamine (ASCAP)
Wayne Takamine: Acoustic Guitarist
David Inamine: Fretless Bass
Mike Muldoon: Latin & African Percussionist
Lester Gantan: Keyboard Arrangements
Original Recording: Lester Gantan Sound Engineer - Flyn' Hawaiian Productions
Remixed and Re-Mastered by Wayne Takamine for Two Ti leaf Production Studio
Executive Producer: Wayne Takamine - Two Ti Leaf Production Studio