"Musical Journey CD" Musicians, Lyrics and Credits press here

March 18, 2015  


Musical Journey Desktop Backgrounds:

"Makapu'u Sunrise" 6:05 am Makapu'u Beach, Waimanalo, Oahu - Photography by Wayne Takamine

Makapu'u Sunrise

"Hawaiian Nights" Waikiki and Diamond Head by Moonlight, Point Panic, Kaka'ako Makai Honolulu, Oahu - Photography by Wayne Takamine

November 18, 2013,

Aloha, The Musical Journey CD in now available on iTunes: "Musical Journey" ~ CD Buy It Now! - 15 song Digital Download.

The Musical Journey Band and Jazz Minds Art & Café will be closed on New Years. Look for Musical Journey to return to Jazz Minds on Wednesday January 29th from 8:30 to 11:30!

Where: Jazz Minds Arts and Café

When: Wednesdays, January 29th & Wednesday February 5th, 8:30 - 11:30

Good friends, music, atmosphere, food & drinks...


Here's Perry (on the left) and Price (on the right) and me with the Musical journey CD!


A big Mahalo to my family and friends for supporting; Destiny, Gayle, Stephanie, Francis, Sandy, Mutsu, Shuri-Naha Club, Doris and Christine, Brian, Louise, HUOA, Mark, Roosevelt High School Classmate Keith and Grace, and Mom & Dad! Thank goes out to Sweetie and the KSSK listeners!


Hey, I'm going to be on KSSK's Perry and Price show this Saturday to promote my new "Musical Journey" CD.

Musical Journey is in stock at Jelly's in Honolulu and Aiea. For more info http://www.jellyshawaii.net

"Musical Journey" is an anthology of 14 previously released songs from my "Hawaiian Nights & Summer Dreams,' "Touch" or "Two Ti Leaf" CDs that have been remixed and re-mastered. I have also included a new original song, "Star That Fell" that I hope you will also enjoy.  (demo player at the top)

So feel free to browse the sound clips and information I have posted.

Mahalo, Wayne

September 26, 2013

Graphic Design: Karen Kuba-Hori, Photography: Wayne Takamine

"Hawaiian Nights & Summer Dreams (Remix 2012)"

"Makapu'u By The Sea (Remix 2012)"

"Out In The Country (Remix 2012)"

"Beyond The Sea (Remix 2012)"

"Sunset Slack (Remix 2012)"

"Shima Uta (Remix 2012)"

"This Moment Tonight (Remix 2012)"

"Quiet Nights With You (Remix 2012)"

"Star That Fell" - original song by Wayne Takamine

"Thoughts Of You (Remix 2012)"

"Killing Me Softly (Remix 2012)"

"Hopes & Dreams (Remix 2012)"

"Heartlight (Remix 2012)"

"Without Words (Remix 2012)"

"Romanza (Remix 2012)"