Wayne's Touch CD Samples

I'm just starting to get my CD samples loaded on the "Music" page of the site. This may sound strange but I haven't listened to some of the tracks for a while so I was surprised because they still sounded good! I decided to put more of the cover tunes now and will change the songs from time to time. I added tracks from the “Touch” CD including "Classical Gas" (most popular), an instrumental version of "Killing Me Softly" and “Hope’s and Dreams”, an original song. I also added a cover recording of "Shima Uta" (Island Song). The song was written about Okinawa and was one of the biggest hits in Japan. "Touch" CD received a Hawaii Music in 1998 as a co-winner in the Island Music category. It was recorded at Rendez-Vous Recording studio with awards winning Producer/Arranger Pierre Grill. Pierre is a great guy and one of the most prolific producers in Hawaii. Some of the award winning albums he has worked on includes artists like the Ka`au Crater Boys, Kapena, Danny Couch and Willy K. Back in the day, Pierre and I used to pack up our CDs and perform for crafts fairs. Sometimes we would sell like about 100 CDs in in a few hours each! That was fun! Pierre and I also worked on the "Chibaryo" CD that was sponsored by the Hawaii United Okinawa Association and produced by Isaac Hokama. Mahalo for dropping by, Wayne BUY Wayne's "Touch" CD!