Wayne's CD Samples

I'm just starting to get my CD samples online. I haven't listened to some of the tracks for a while so I was surprised because they still sounded good! I decided to put more of the cover tunes and will change them around. The most popular track is "Classical Gas". It was recorded on the "Touch" CD at Ren Dez Vous recording with Pierre Grille. Pierre is a great guy and one of the most prolific producer in Hawaii. We used to pack up our CDs and perform for crafts fairs. Sometimes we would sell like a 100 CDs in a day each. That was fun! Anyway, I also added "Shima Uta" (Island Song) from the "Touch" CD. I first heard the song in Okinawa while in a Karaoke bar. The a tune was written about Okinawa and became a big hit in Japan. My personal favorite track is "This Moment Tonight" ~ an original song from the "Hawaiian Nights and Summer Dreams" CD. It was my first song in the studio and is my favorite production. It was recorded at Flyn' Hawaiian Productions with producer Lester Gantan. At that time, Lester was also working on the "Stay Awake" recording by the 5:05 Band. I remember coming in one day and hearing the hit song by Ben Vegas "Pua Nani" that was recorded right before my session. You could already tell it was a hit! Mahalo for dropping by, Wayne